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Don-Antonio’s is located in Los Angeles . While the hostess stand might be a bit difficult to find, you can’t miss the good times and great food. Don-Antonio’s stands out from the rest of LA’s restaurants thanks to its one of a kind vibe. It has a cozy, yet vibrant atmosphere that reflects the energy and passion of its founders.Don Antonio’s takes great pride in its family traditions serving authentic Mexican dishes from family recipes which have been passed down from generation to generation.


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  • Queso Fundido$9

  • Chile Colorado$12.75

    Beef chunks with savory red sauce served with tortillas

  • Cocido$10
    Beef soup, seasonal vegetables, served with rice and tortillas
  • Birria$13.50

    BBQ lamb, topped with cilantro and onions. Served with rice, beans and tortillas





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    Healthy Meal Recipe From A Body Transformation Specialist

    Sweet Spring Sausage & Vegetable Pasta


    Just last week, when I heard about a July Madness blogging program put on by a local team of fitness bloggers I couldn’t help but invite body transformation specialist Mike to provide a healthy meal recipe for our readers to have a nice home cooking change option if your not visiting your local restaurant. Sprouts market is one of my 2 go to grocery stores. Their exceptional deals on high quality and fresh produce always keep me coming back, they also have the best bulk section around for grains, nuts, beans, and dried fruits. Seriously, one of my favourite grocery stores. And did I mention the great deals on produce? Like 4 small cartons of fresh blueberries for $5, or 2 large bunches of asparagus for I think $3 a few weeks ago. Plus their kale is always just around $1 per bunch. Great low prices to begin, plus crazy deals.

    Ok, on to True Story. They recently released their line of lunch meats, sausages, and hot dogs and sell them at Sprouts markets. Christmas came early last week when I received a large box of a variety of turkey lunch meats, the sweet Organic Apple and Wildflower Honey Chicken Sausage, Organic Sriracha Jalapeno Chicken Sausage, and Organic Uncured All Beef Hot Dogs all for my taste testing pleasure. I was in hog heaven with all these sausage and hot dog choices. Both are favorite choices of mine. I can feel a little better eating these chicken sausages and all grass-fed beef hot dogs because they’re nitrate free, organic, and high quality meats.

    True Story Foods uses smaller family farmers/ranches for their meats, they promote sustainable agriculture, and choose grass fed and open-range animals. All of these practices I can firmly stand behind. Besides, their prices are not outrageous for the quality you’re getting!

    On to the healthy food recipe which is great for fitness lovers. The whole point of this challenge was to make a recipe for July Madness. Since July Madness runs nearly all month long, and nearly all day long, I thought I’d as for a recipe from a fitness team the whole family would enjoy while watching their favorite team play. This delicious and easy pasta dish takes just 30 minutes, and is chalk full with delicious sausage, nourishing grains, and fresh and seasonal vegetables. It’s flavorful enough to entice the whole family.

    I think I’ll make this easy dish once again when my lone team, Gonzaga, plays again on Friday.


    Easy Apple Wildflower Honey Sausage Spring Veggie Pasta

    Serves 4

    This delicious and sweet chicken sausage is the perfect addition to your easy veggie pasta for dinner!

    Prep Time

    5 min

    Cook Time

    20 min

    Total Time

    25 min


    • Cooking spray
    • 1/2 red onion, sliced
    • 1 clove garlic, minced
    • 1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil
    • 1 lb fresh asparagus spears, chopped
    • 1 lb rigatoni pasta
    • 4 links True Story Apple and Wildflower Honey Chicken Sausage, sliced
    • 1/2 lime, juiced
    • Salt and pepper to taste
    • Parmesan cheese


    1. Spray cast iron skillet with cooking spray
    2. Sautee onions and garlic until translucent and softened, about 5 minutes.
    3. Pour olive oil over onions and garlic
    4. Add asparagus to onions and garlic, cook until softened and bright green.
    5. Bring a large pot of water to a boil
    6. Add pasta once water is to a rolling boil, cook until al dente. About 8-10 minutes.
    7. Drain pasta, save about 1 cup for later.
    8. Pan fry sausage in leftover sauce from veggies. Add water to deglaze part way through heating.
    9. Add all ingredients, add leftover pasta water and cook until thickened.
    10. Add lime juice, salt and pepper, and parmesan cheese after pasta sauce has thickened.

    The Best Foods to Try in Mexico


    Food adds strokes of various hues to your visit to different countries. The cuisines of every region have a unique tenderness to it, making all foods worth trying once in life. But the experience with a particular cuisine will compel you to walk down the memory lane over again regularly. The Mexican food carries a flavor that clutches onto your hedonistic pleasures, only to take you back to the aroma of meat and veggies sided by a cool margarita.

    Mexico is one country that welcomes you with its vibrant cities and boisterous Spanish culture. When traveling to Mexico, the traditional food is something that no one would want to miss. All food lovers will surely have Mexico on their list of must-visit destinations. Leaving the country without having a taste of the best dishes in the cuisine would be a disgrace to the city of avocadoes. Here is a list of the best foods to try while you are in Mexico.

    1.      Chilaquiles

    Slump into your couch for the night and rise into the sunshine for a great breakfast to start with. Chilaquiles, the traditional breakfast, features a topping of red or green salsa and quarters of lightly fried corn tortillas. You could customize the food the way you want it by adding the red salsa to spice up the dish. Cheese and cream are poured over the pulled chicken and scrambled eggs to make for a delicious morning meal. Everything about this dish is healthy, and the dose of frijoles makes it a lot more healthy for consumption.


    2.      Pozole

    Once used as a part of ritual sacrifices, pozole is a pre-Hispanic soup that comes in varieties of pork, chicken, and vegetables. The dish is traditionally stewed for long hours, mostly overnight, with plenty of spices, herbs and hominy corn. You get it served with a topping of onion, lettuce, lime, radish, and chilly.

    3.      Tacos Al Pastor

    The origins of this historic dish date back to the early 20th century when the Syrian and Lebanese immigrants set foot on the Mexican land. Preparing tacos al pastor is as easy as slicing thin strips of pork off a spit to place on a corn tortilla with onions, pineapple, and coriander leaves.

    Tacos Al Pastor

    4.      Tostadas

    Making the stale tortillas crunchy and golden by frying it in boiling oil will make for the major part of tostadas. These fried tortillas are usually served alone; you could also ask for add-ons with toppings of cheese, frijoles, cooked meat, ceviche, and seafood.

    5.      Chiles en Nogada

    Referred to as one of the most patriotic Mexican dishes, chiles en nogada, has this tag for its colors that resemble the Mexican flag. A mixture of fruits, chopped meat, and spice are filled into poblano chillies to represent the flag’s green shade, pomegranate seeds make for the red, and the walnut-based cream sauce represents the white portion. This dish is said to have a great historical significance since it was first served to the liberator and Emperor of Mexico, Don Agustin de Iturbide.

    What are the Most Popular Mexican Recipes?


    The beautiful land of Mexico is known for many things, and its cuisine is undoubtedly one among them. Varieties of ethnic contributions to the country’s menu of tastes are the most attractive feature for every tourist. With the unique culinary culture ranging from some of the best street food to great gourmet varieties, the Mexican cuisine stands an unmatchable contender in the battle of tastes. Vanilla, peanuts, tomatoes, coconuts, chilly peppers, and beans were the basic native ingredients in almost every Mexican dish. It was only later that meat was added into their meals, which then became an indispensable part of their dishes. Some people frown at the idea of having a Mexican meal because its spicy, while others love to have it for the same reason.

    A variety of chillies are readily available in Mexico, and that explains the reason for the hot spicy insides of the cheesy tacos, tostadas, and chilaquiles. You can never succeed in walking away from a Mexican meal with spices, sauces, and herbs because the aroma alone can allure you to getting lunch from a restaurant. A few dishes are loved by all people alike, and these are under high demand all over the world. Here is a list of the some of the most celebrated and cooked Mexican recipes, which will take your taste buds through a festival of colors and tastes.

    1. Burritos Filled with Minced Meat

    This is a dish you can prepare at home for the family both as a snack or a heavy meal. It gets heavier with the amount of cheese and meat you add. The tortilla wraps a tender filling of spiced minced meat within it to make for a wholesome meal with some scrambled eggs and sauces to side it.

    Minced Meat

    2. Chicken Quesadillas

    Chop some tomatoes and onions for the meal and grate the cheese to thin shreds while the chicken is being cooked. Prepare the filling with various veggies and meat as you wish, and wrap it into a half-moon. You can side it with a variety of sauces and mayonnaise if you would like to have a delicious dip.

    3. Tacos

    Tacos come in abundant varieties which you can try out for yourself. Not all forms of tacos can have the same delight as the ones you get to buy at restaurants, but you can surely make some at home. Add some kidney beans into the taco shell and stuff it evenly over the curve of the shell. Load it again with hot jalapenos, scraped cheddar, and a touch of cumin for an easy meal of tacos.


    4. Guacamole

    Regardless of what meal you are having, dips are essential to spice up the food. Vegetarians find it hard to make sauces and dips without dairy products. Avocadoes can be used here to prepare this special serving of a Mexican dip. The paste of this fruit is a great way to feed your body with the necessary amounts of protein.

    What Makes Mexican Food So Popular Across the Globe

    Mexican Food

    When speaking of cuisines, the Mexican taste has a large fan base for its authenticity and unique spice. The delectable dishes seep into the taste buds to tingle the sweetness, bitterness, and sourness sensors and send satiating waves through your body. Everything about the Mexican cuisine is amazing to start with; delving deeper into the cuisine will introduce you to a world of tastes that will leave you enchanted. Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes constitute the cuisine of Mexico, and not a single condiment that goes into making the food fades away without being savored.

    With a wide range of juices and tender foods to list down, the Mexican cuisine is worth trying once to treat your taste buds with the best experience. The southern state of Mexico loves to munch on the meaty foods with some veggies to side it, whereas the people of northern Mexico have their hearts on the meat dishes. The popularity of Mexican food has grown over the years all across the globe with Tacos going down into almost everyone’s list of favorite dishes. As fans for the cuisine are increasing by the day, the indigenous cooking experts are only investing more time into alluring more foreigners to sink their teeth into some of the most delicious foods in the world. Here are some of the main reasons that have made Mexican food popular.

    1. Healthy Food

    The use of healthy ingredients in the dishes is one of the biggest reasons for the millions of fans. With the cuisine containing almost all food groups, every taste that goes onto your tongue is guaranteed to be healthy. Limes, avocados, savory meats, beans, and tomatoes are the main ingredients of authentic Mexican dishes. A fusion of several food items is the ideal Mexican meal, serving you with all the necessary vitamins, minerals, and proteins for the body.

    Healthy Food

    2. Hot and Spicy

    While many other countries house regional cuisines to serve the people with less spicy food, Mexico is open to all the people who want a tinge of chillies on their palate as they chew onto the meat. Abundant choices of dishes exist in the Mexican cuisine to choose from for the perfect hot spicy taste. All these foods stand the best option for everyone who loves some spice in their food.

    3. Imbued with Plenty of Flavors

    Not a person who has tasted Mexican foods will have complained of it being bland. Flavors are present in plenty with a full package of spices to satiate all the desires of your appetite. Fresh or dried garlic and onion are used in almost all the Mexican dishes to add the primary flavor. Apart from those, coriander, cumin, oregano, and chilly powder are also the major ingredients of all Mexican dishes.

    4. Margarita

    The meat and veggies taste the best when you calm the excited taste buds with some refreshing flavor of fruits. Margarita often tastes best when served with the food; the tequila and lemon juice with a pinch of salt or sugar encrusts the sweetest memory of biting into a taco.

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