The Best Foods to Try in Mexico

The Best Foods to Try in Mexico


Food adds strokes of various hues to your visit to different countries. The cuisines of every region have a unique tenderness to it, making all foods worth trying once in life. But the experience with a particular cuisine will compel you to walk down the memory lane over again regularly. The Mexican food carries a flavor that clutches onto your hedonistic pleasures, only to take you back to the aroma of meat and veggies sided by a cool margarita.

Mexico is one country that welcomes you with its vibrant cities and boisterous Spanish culture. When traveling to Mexico, the traditional food is something that no one would want to miss. All food lovers will surely have Mexico on their list of must-visit destinations. Leaving the country without having a taste of the best dishes in the cuisine would be a disgrace to the city of avocadoes. Here is a list of the best foods to try while you are in Mexico.

1.      Chilaquiles

Slump into your couch for the night and rise into the sunshine for a great breakfast to start with. Chilaquiles, the traditional breakfast, features a topping of red or green salsa and quarters of lightly fried corn tortillas. You could customize the food the way you want it by adding the red salsa to spice up the dish. Cheese and cream are poured over the pulled chicken and scrambled eggs to make for a delicious morning meal. Everything about this dish is healthy, and the dose of frijoles makes it a lot more healthy for consumption.


2.      Pozole

Once used as a part of ritual sacrifices, pozole is a pre-Hispanic soup that comes in varieties of pork, chicken, and vegetables. The dish is traditionally stewed for long hours, mostly overnight, with plenty of spices, herbs and hominy corn. You get it served with a topping of onion, lettuce, lime, radish, and chilly.

3.      Tacos Al Pastor

The origins of this historic dish date back to the early 20th century when the Syrian and Lebanese immigrants set foot on the Mexican land. Preparing tacos al pastor is as easy as slicing thin strips of pork off a spit to place on a corn tortilla with onions, pineapple, and coriander leaves.

Tacos Al Pastor

4.      Tostadas

Making the stale tortillas crunchy and golden by frying it in boiling oil will make for the major part of tostadas. These fried tortillas are usually served alone; you could also ask for add-ons with toppings of cheese, frijoles, cooked meat, ceviche, and seafood.

5.      Chiles en Nogada

Referred to as one of the most patriotic Mexican dishes, chiles en nogada, has this tag for its colors that resemble the Mexican flag. A mixture of fruits, chopped meat, and spice are filled into poblano chillies to represent the flag’s green shade, pomegranate seeds make for the red, and the walnut-based cream sauce represents the white portion. This dish is said to have a great historical significance since it was first served to the liberator and Emperor of Mexico, Don Agustin de Iturbide.

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