What are the Most Popular Mexican Recipes?

What are the Most Popular Mexican Recipes?


The beautiful land of Mexico is known for many things, and its cuisine is undoubtedly one among them. Varieties of ethnic contributions to the country’s menu of tastes are the most attractive feature for every tourist. With the unique culinary culture ranging from some of the best street food to great gourmet varieties, the Mexican cuisine stands an unmatchable contender in the battle of tastes. Vanilla, peanuts, tomatoes, coconuts, chilly peppers, and beans were the basic native ingredients in almost every Mexican dish. It was only later that meat was added into their meals, which then became an indispensable part of their dishes. Some people frown at the idea of having a Mexican meal because its spicy, while others love to have it for the same reason.

A variety of chillies are readily available in Mexico, and that explains the reason for the hot spicy insides of the cheesy tacos, tostadas, and chilaquiles. You can never succeed in walking away from a Mexican meal with spices, sauces, and herbs because the aroma alone can allure you to getting lunch from a restaurant. A few dishes are loved by all people alike, and these are under high demand all over the world. Here is a list of the some of the most celebrated and cooked Mexican recipes, which will take your taste buds through a festival of colors and tastes.

1. Burritos Filled with Minced Meat

This is a dish you can prepare at home for the family both as a snack or a heavy meal. It gets heavier with the amount of cheese and meat you add. The tortilla wraps a tender filling of spiced minced meat within it to make for a wholesome meal with some scrambled eggs and sauces to side it.

Minced Meat

2. Chicken Quesadillas

Chop some tomatoes and onions for the meal and grate the cheese to thin shreds while the chicken is being cooked. Prepare the filling with various veggies and meat as you wish, and wrap it into a half-moon. You can side it with a variety of sauces and mayonnaise if you would like to have a delicious dip.

3. Tacos

Tacos come in abundant varieties which you can try out for yourself. Not all forms of tacos can have the same delight as the ones you get to buy at restaurants, but you can surely make some at home. Add some kidney beans into the taco shell and stuff it evenly over the curve of the shell. Load it again with hot jalapenos, scraped cheddar, and a touch of cumin for an easy meal of tacos.


4. Guacamole

Regardless of what meal you are having, dips are essential to spice up the food. Vegetarians find it hard to make sauces and dips without dairy products. Avocadoes can be used here to prepare this special serving of a Mexican dip. The paste of this fruit is a great way to feed your body with the necessary amounts of protein.

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